Set of Teak Forks with three tines
curly maple and tropical wood baby spoons
Set of Four Claro Walnut forks with 4 tines
Concave Curly Maple Dishes - lathe turned
7" D Curly Maple Concave Dish
5x7" Walnut Knot Eye Dish
10" Mahogany Nuvo Spoons
5" Diameter Figured Walnut Concave  Dish
4' D Curly Koa concave dishes
14" Walnut & Curly Maple Combo
5x5" Walnut Concave Dish- hand carved
6.5"x 7.5" Longleaf Pine Concave Dish
2x12x22" Burl  Maple  & Walnut Serving Tray
3 x10 x 23" Ash & Stain Glass Serving Tray
2x11x18" Mesquite Serving Tray
Branches I found on the street
Maple & Mesquite Wall Display cabinet
15 x19 x 3 Retro Wall shelving display
3 piece Rack Holder- shown with 16" spatula
16" Grande Servers in Mesquite & mahogany
16' Cedar Spatula
3 x 4" Walnut freeform vessel
11' Maple Serving Forks
13" Special Walnut Spoon
13" Walnut Spoon with future mate
Wenge  table completed
Media console
media console opened
famous clock radio seen in museum
model of residence
Clawson Road
spider table with metal legs
Model of spider table in walnut
Drawing by Helmut Barnett made into model
prototypes are scale models of new ideas
709 Porch designs
Front porch 709
709 Front porch completed
mirror wall model
mirror wall without mirror
Mirror wall with Capitol
mirror wall installation
cypress and cedar outdoor shower completed
Outdoor shower model